Moran Magal – Under Your Bed

Moran Magal – Under Your Bed [Album]

FBPmusic August 30, 2019

Moran Magal’s Under Your Bed - Of luggage and monsters Bands that started off in metal and shape-shifted a bit towards singer-songwriter, indie or…

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Ragdoll Sunday – Puritan [Album]

FBPmusic June 21, 2019

Following on from their debut 2018 'Immigrant' EP & it's remix 'Migrant' EP, progressive punk rock band Ragdoll Sunday finally release their debut album…

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Cole Withers - The Last Bookstore [Album]

Cole Withers – The Last Bookstore [Album]

FBPmusic May 17, 2019

The Last Bookstore, a collection of ten songs which has been called a “spectacular rock and roll achievement” and “Van Morrison for the 21st…

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GEA – Snow [EP]

FBPmusic April 12, 2019

GEA’s debut album Butterflies got critical acclaim and put her on the map as a unique ethereal female artist. Now the Finnish singer-songwriter releases…

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Marlae – Spaces [EP]

FBPmusic March 22, 2019

Marlae brings you Spaces; a 5 track EP showcasing the singer and producer’s sound - a blend of electropop, dance, and soul. Each track…

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The Impersonators, Cover, EP, Sad Cafe

The Impersonators – Sad Cafe [EP]

FBPmusic March 22, 2019

If a common theme were to find for all the songs on the latest The Impersonators Sad Café EP, it would probably be how…

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WinterBeach – Dark Minds [EP]

FBPmusic February 15, 2019

Dark Minds is the first EP from Norwegian indie-synth-pop trio; WinterBeach. Dark Minds is a collection of powerful and memorable songs, each beautifully constructed with…

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David Stone – Pockets [Album]

FBPmusic February 1, 2019

Pockets is David Stone's ninth solo release since 2011, with eight years of growth proudly on display in each of its ten tracks. There…

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