Tok Rukoo – Like Never Before [Musicvideo]

Tok Rukoo from Minsk present their new music video “Like Never Before”. Love and sadness merge into a unity. It is about the happiness of a relationship that has long been over. A relationship to which friends and acquaintances were always envious, because they seemed so perfect. And although time should heal the wounds, love becomes stronger than it ever was.

The combination of these contrary emotions is expressed in the song by the different stylistic aspects of funk and post-punk, which is melancholic but still danceable.

The video was realized by Ian Karpov, who was able to make a name for himself in Belarus through various advertising films and campaigns. In Diana Ermakova he found the perfect cast for the role of the protagonist. Through her role and the combination of song and visualization, the music video becomes “Like Never Before” a mystically melancholy love declaration. Love and grief forever


Tok Rukoo – Like Never Before [Musicvideo]

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