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Johnny Task Force, To Trash

Johnny Task Force – To Trash [Album]

FBPmusic May 18, 2018

With To Trash Johnny Task Force delivers a fresh and entertaining debut album that makes no secret of the inspirations of the Band. Between…

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Even Temper, Life's a Mirror, Album, Even Temper - Life's a Mirror [Album], Mirror

Even Temper – Life’s a Mirror [Album]

FBPmusic April 13, 2018

Even Temper - Life's a Mirror ! The Alternative Punkheads from Heilbronn/Germany come along with 13 Songs on their debut album produced by Bonassis…

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David Stone, Hummingbirds & Bees

David Stone – Hummingbirds & Bees [Single]

FBPmusic March 30, 2018

Canadian folk songwriter David Stone opens spring. With his new single Hummingbirds & Bees does he present his latest work in his usual style.…

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The Impersonators, Burning Blue, Musicvideo

The Impersonators – Burning Blue [Musicvideo]

FBPmusic March 23, 2018

Burning Blue is the Title of the brand new Single of The Impersonators. Tikka & Autio present the new Song along with a Music…

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Breath After Coma, The Love I Never Had, Musicvideo

Breath After Coma – The Love I Never Had [Musicvideo]

FBPmusic March 16, 2018

Breath After Coma - The Love I Never Had is the second Single of the album Leaders. The Single comes along with a Music…

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Rogues,Double Vision, EP

Rogues – Double Vision [EP]

FBPmusic February 23, 2018

Perth act Rogues releases their first EP Double Vision. The Australian Indie Pop Band have hit the ground on the Perth music scene with…

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House Sparrow, Musicvideo

House Sparrow – White Horse in Spring [Musicvideo]

FBPmusic February 20, 2018

White Horse in Spring is the brand new musicvideo of House Sparrow. The second single of the Eat Honey, Taste Mud - Album shows the…

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Breath After Coma – Leaders [Album]

FBPmusic February 16, 2018

The Alternative Band Breath After Coma releases their first Longplayer Leaders. The quartet from Athens presents nine songs on their debut album, somewhere between…

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Breath After Coma - I, the Animal

Breath After Coma – I, the Animal [Musicvideo]

FBPmusic February 5, 2018

The song I, the Animal explores the coexistence of the modern and the original ego in ourselves. It deals with the relationship between the…

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David Stone - Alright EP

David Stone – Alright [EP]

FBPmusic February 2, 2018

Canadian singer-songwriter David Stone shines on his new Alright EP. Once again, a guitar and the voice full of character skillfully translate into an…

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Grass Shadows - The Deep Dark Despair of Sleep

Grass Shadows – The Deep Dark Despair of Sleep [Album]

FBPmusic January 19, 2018

Deep Dark Despair of Sleep is the final Album of the Grass Shadows Trilogy. It is thematising aging and resignation. The album is seeped with…

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Luke August, Need Nobody, MTV

Luke August – Need Nobody [Single]

FBPmusic December 1, 2017

The newest single Need Nobody from Luke August has been released. The song was recently heard on the latest episode of Are You the…

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You are the One

The Impersonators – You are the One [Single]

FBPmusic November 17, 2017

The Impersonators brand new single opens a new era for the group. The latest Tikka and Autio original You Are the One has been…

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Tok Rukoo, Musicvideo, Like Never Before, Minsk

Tok Rukoo – Like Never Before [Musicvideo]

FBPmusic October 3, 2017

Tok Rukoo from Minsk present their new music video "Like Never Before". Love and sadness merge into a unity. It is about the happiness…

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Tin Can

Lukka – Tin Can [Single]

FBPmusic September 16, 2017

The Singer/Songwriter Lukka from New York, presents her new Single Tin Can and shows once again how great the melodies of the 60s can…

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Tok Rukoo - Time

Tok Rukoo -“Time” [EP]

FBPmusic August 11, 2017

Time is the Title of the EP from Tok Rukoo. After a longer creative Pause is the waiting over. The Band returns with 4…

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