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Tok Rukoo, Musicvideo, Like Never Before, Minsk

Tok Rukoo – Like Never Before [Musicvideo]

FBPmusic October 3, 2017

Tok Rukoo from Minsk present their new music video "Like Never Before". Love and sadness merge into a unity. It is about the happiness…

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Tok Rukoo - Time

Tok Rukoo -“Time” [EP]

FBPmusic August 11, 2017

Time is the Title of the EP from Tok Rukoo. After a longer creative Pause is the waiting over. The Band returns with 4…

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Vol. 2

Future // Creature -“Vol. 2” [EP]

FBPmusic June 30, 2017

Future // Creature have released their 2nd EP, Vol.2, this companion EP to Vol.1. It features the duo exploring the darker side of identity, relationships and social isolation that is a…

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The Impersonators – Luncheon at the Cannon Street Hotel pt.2

The Impersonators -“Luncheon at the Cannon Street Hotel Pt 2” [EP]

FBPmusic May 19, 2017

Luncheon at the Cannon Street Hotel Pt.2. One week after the release of Pt.1 EP does the Impersonators release the second EP and continue…

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Cannon, Street, Hotel, The Impersonators

The Impersonators -“Luncheon at the Cannon Street Hotel Pt 1” [EP]

FBPmusic May 12, 2017

Luncheon at the Cannon Street Hotel is the first EP of The Impersonators titled. The finnish Duo Tommi and Antti present their rawness of…

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Vol. 1, Future // Creature -"Vol. 1" [EP]

Future // Creature -“Vol. 1” [EP]

FBPmusic April 14, 2017

Their EP Vol. 1 was recorded in bedrooms at home's in Victoria, Queensland and now in New South Wales, before they hit the studio…

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Balcony TV, Bounds, FBP Music Publishing

BOUNDS on Balcony TV [Video]

FBPmusic November 25, 2016

Bounds performed live and unplugged Giants From Mars on the Rooftop of Balcony TV in Stuttgart. Watch the Full Performance here ! https://youtu.be/tAslCJyq5Tg <…

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Canvas, Düsseldorf, The Tube, Moment of Detonation,Konzert, FBP Music Publishing,Deathcore

Moment of Detonation -“Re-Blank The Canvas” [Album]

FBPmusic November 11, 2016

Moment Of Detonation stands for versatile, modern metal beyond genre drawers. Influences from styles such as Death Metal, Deathcore, (Neo-) Thrash and last but…

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Red Ashes On Tibet

Open Parachine -“Red Ashes On Tibet” [Musicvideo]

FBPmusic October 21, 2016

Red Ashes On Tibet is the second Single and Musicvideo of Open Parachine's EP Did You See The Hunter. https://youtu.be/RVXi7xtlaNY Artistpage Productpage Open Parachine…

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Giants from Mars, Musikvideo, BOUNDS, Alternative, FBP Music Publishing, belami

BOUNDS -“Giants From Mars” [Musicvideo]

FBPmusic October 3, 2016

Bounds Giants from Mars is the first Single of the upcoming EP Giants from Mars. Parts of the Musicvideo were from the Bands Rehearsal…

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Dan Bay, Poor Man, Generation Y,FBP Music Publishing

Dan Bay -“Poor Man” [Musicvideo]

FBPmusic September 16, 2016

Poor Man is the new Musicvideo and second Single of Dan Bay from his Album Generation Y Album. https://youtu.be/ehKVHpGDr3s < Artistpage Productpage > Poor…

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Moran Magal, Dream Theater, In The Name of God, FBP Music Publishing

Moran Magal -“In The Name Of God” [Musicvideo]

FBPmusic August 25, 2016

In The Name Of God is the second Musicvideo of Moran Magal's Album Shades of Metal - Private Collection. Moran presents the Dream Theater…

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Dan Bay, City, of Fame, Musikvideo, Thumbnail, FBP Music Publishing, Fame, City

Dan Bay -“City of Fame” [Musicvideo]

FBPmusic August 5, 2016

City of Fame is the first Single of Dan Bay's Debutalbum Generation Y. The Musicvideo is made by Dan's GoPro Camera on his Longboard.Ride…

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Open Parachine Diogenes Musikvideo,

Open Parachine -“Diogenes” [Musicvideo]

FBPmusic April 29, 2016

Open Parachine present their music video for the single "Diogenes" from their EP "Did You See The Hunter". Atmospheric rock guitars meet on vocals.…

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Europa Tour 2016, The Unguided, Eyes Wide Open, Hopelezz

Hopelezz Europa Tour 2016

FBPmusic March 8, 2016

Hopelezz begleiten The Unguided & Eyes Wide Open auf ihrer Lust & Loathing Europa Tour im April. Alle Dates & VVK Tickets findet ihr…

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Track By Track, Hopelezz, Sent To Destroy

Hopelezz – Sent To Destroy – Track By Track

FBPmusic February 9, 2016

Adrian & Nik von gehen im Track by Track Video nochmal auf alle Songs des Albums „Sent To Destroy“ ein. Anscheinend wurde an dem…

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