GEA – Snow [EP]

GEA’s debut album Butterflies got critical acclaim and put her on the map as a unique ethereal female artist. Now the Finnish singer-songwriter releases her anticipated EP Snow. Snow is like a Nordic folk saga shaped with modern electro-acoustic production and fairy-like vocals. The music is modern and ancient at the same time Artistpage Productpage […]

Marlae – Spaces [EP]

Marlae brings you Spaces; a 5 track EP showcasing the singer and producer’s sound – a blend of electropop, dance, and soul. Each track is written by the female singer-songwriter who hails from Dublin, Ireland. This her second EP release and features tracks Bloodstream, Righteous, Better, Kingpin and They’re Not You. Artistpage Productpage Marlae – […]

WinterBeach – Dark Minds [EP]

Dark Minds is the first EP from Norwegian indie-synth-pop trio; WinterBeach. Dark Minds is a collection of powerful and memorable songs, each beautifully constructed with their own distinctively anthemic chorus. Artistpage Productpage WinterBeach – Dark Minds [EP]

David Stone – Pockets [Album]

Pockets is David Stone’s ninth solo release since 2011, with eight years of growth proudly on display in each of its ten tracks. There are a total on eight new songs, with the addition of an alternate, full-band version of “On Her Mind” and a stripped-back acoustic version of “Pocket” (originally released in 2016). In […]

Skuve – Ego [Album]

Skuve, Album, Ego

Ego the debut album of the band Skuve is simply impeccable. The Songs feature many layers of instrumentation and sounding lush, wide, and open. Skuve have amazing potential with their radio-ready songs. Artistpage Productpage Skuve – Ego [Album]

Grass Shadows – Missing [Album]

Grass Shadows, Missing, Album

Grass Shadows release their fourth album Missing on FBP Music.  The Songwriter duo from Gothenburg, Sweden has recorded 10 songs. A sort of mix between low-fi and new wave and clear feel bad narratives that are sure to remind you how feeling bad can be pretty good. Artistpage Productpage Grass Shadows – Missing

Ragdoll Sunday – Immigrant [EP]

Ragdoll Sunday - Immigrant [EP]

Born from frustration & protest, Ragdoll Sunday’s debut EP Immigrant comes from a place we all have known at some point; isolation. Four Songs each detailing in their own way, the feeling of being seen as a persona non grata. Artistpage Productpage Ragdoll Sunday – Immigrant [EP]

Johnny Task Force – To Trash [Album]

Johnny Task Force, To Trash

With To Trash Johnny Task Force delivers a fresh and entertaining debut album that makes no secret of the inspirations of the Band. Between catchy funk rock riffs, feel-good tracks and deep-going ballads, the debut album is all about the courage to be versatile. Always balancing on the edge of any genre boundaries Artistpage Productpage […]

Even Temper – Life’s a Mirror [Album]

Even Temper, Life's a Mirror, Album, Even Temper - Life's a Mirror [Album], Mirror

Even Temper – Life’s a Mirror ! The Alternative Punkheads from Heilbronn/Germany come along with 13 Songs on their debut album produced by Bonassis (Liquido, Deine Jugend, Laura Carbone …) in the Audiodrive Studios. Through the jungle of metaphors and meanings of the lyrics, appeal Salvo, Tim and Maxi to humor of today’s society. If you’re […]

David Stone – Hummingbirds & Bees [Single]

David Stone, Hummingbirds & Bees

Canadian folk songwriter David Stone opens spring. With his new single Hummingbirds & Bees does he present his latest work in his usual style. Raw and unique with guitar and his distinctive voice. Artistpage Productpage David Stone – Hummingbirds & Bees [Single]